Introducing our team of dedicated professionals

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”-Henry Ford



"There will be obstacles.  There will be doubters.  There will be mistakes.  But with hard work, there are no limits."
- Michael Phelps
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Argenis relocated to Texas in 2007 where he completed high school and furthered his education by attending college.
It was at Southwestern Adventist University where he began cutting hair as a source of supplemental income while enrolled in school full time.  Upon obtaining his degree with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Argenis ventured into various workforce industries.
He possesses a wide variety of knowledge and management experience in the corporate, auto and electrical industries.
As time progressed, barbering for Argenis developed from a hobby to a more profound passion.  In 2016 he obtained his licensure in the State of Texas as a Class A Barber.  He was employed at a prominent barber shop in Arlington, Texas for quite some time  before he transitioned to Garland where he met and worked alongside Tui.
Understanding his vision for the future in the art of barbering, Argenis identified a similar ambition within Tui hence the start of their partnership to begin Beard & Bristle Men's Grooming in October 2017.
He feels blessed to be able to live his passion and enjoys the relationships that are built & maintained within the shop every day.




T  U  I

"Being of service to others is what brings true happiness."
- Marie Osmond
Originally from San Francisco, California Tui began her journey as a barber while attending high school.  Although barbering wasn't her primary focus, Tui enjoyed a rewarding career in healthcare for over 14 years serving the needs of others in every aspect of patient care while residing in Bronx, New York.  She believes that the experience and knowledge gained while working in the medical setting helped to confirm her success as a professional barber today.
Respect, Empathy, Compassion, Health and Safety collectively play an integral role in her present profession.
In 2015 Tui attended Texas Barber Colleges & Hairstyling schools and graduated above average in her class in 2016.  After becoming licensed by the State of Texas as a Class A Barber, Tui immediately  began work with a prestigious barber shop in Garland, Texas.  
In addition to her responsibilities as a professional barber she also functioned as the Shop Manager with a staff of 13 for one full year before partnering with Argenis to start Beard & Bristle Men's Grooming in October 2017.
Tui has always had a passion for traditional barbering with an emphasis on full service since the start of her journey.  She exhibits a high level of expertise through the quality experience rendered daily.


"I appreciate the opportunity to build relationships while serving the needs of others " 

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Lexus first realized her passion for cutting hair at the early age of 17.  Growing up in a family where the majority of her relatives were male, her initial introduction to barbering began by offering haircuts to her relatives at home.  Almost instantaneously, Lexus found she had a strong interest cutting men's hair.  Intrigued by the unique artistry barbering encompassed, she found herself entertaining the the notion of transforming her budding interest into a professional career.

Eagerly determined, she pursued her passion by enrolling into barber college in Dallas, TX.  Upon successful completion of her studies and state board exams, Lexus earned her professional barbering licensure in December 2017.  Captivated by the knowledge, training & experience gained from her education, the strength of her desire & commitment to service continues to thrive.

Understanding the importance of ongoing professional development, in support of true customer service, Lexus continues to remain diligent in her efforts to hone and perfect her technique & skill.  
She has established herself as a notable barber in the DFW area with experience serving the local communities in Garland and Rowlett.

We are humbled by her decision to join our family & are excited for what the future may entail.